Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spinning - In More Ways Than One

I am a cyclist - a serious long-distance cyclist. So, I have spent many hours on my bike going many miles. This hobby has prepared me well for the spinning I am about to do.

First, I am headed to spinning class at the "Y" to get rid of the second helping of my mom's Thanksgiving dressing. And after that, I will start spinning another way. Since we are unofficially homeless, it is time to find a temporary place to live. Our house is under contract and by January 1 we need to be packed and out of here, my beautiful home.

Since the reason for this move is to relocate downtown, I am going to look at some apartments in the middle of the city. One unit is in a high-rise apartment building above the public library. That means we will not ease into city living but be smacked in the face by it everytime we go out. That might be a reality check for both of us.

Another is a free-standing apartment in the oldest and most historic part of downtown. Mr. Big wants to live temporarily in an apartment rather than a house. He feels there will be less time spent on outside chores and will give us move time to concentrate on buying and remodeling our yet to be found townhouse or condo.

Another apartment I will look at is located on the edge of the city about a stone's throw from some quaint two-lane country roads. It is a beautiful place that welcomes people like us who need to rent month to month while between homes. It will be the polar opposite of the two other spaces. It provides tennis courts, swimming pool, exercise room, game room, and enclosed parking spaces. The downside is that it is a long and traffic-laden commute to get anywhere.

We have a "wants" list for the apartment. We must have at least two bedrooms - one for sleeping and one for an office - , two baths would be nice, two enclosed parking spaces, and a nice expanse for lounging and entertaining. A third bedroom for storage would be a bonus because I have lots of things I really don't want to put in a storage unit for several months.

I plan to take photos, and maybe you can help me decide.
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