Sunday, November 21, 2010

We are taking the plunge!

We have been thinking about it for two years.  We have delayed the tough decision as long as possible, but we have decided it is time to go for it.  We are moving, but not just moving....We are downsizing from our 4,000 square feet, four bedroom, four bath home in the peaceful suburbs to a townhouse downtown.  We have done the dirty work,  the house is now on the market, and we are waiting............The For Sale sign has been up three weeks, and even though it is the worst time of the year to sell, we have had tons of traffic and even one offer.  We now know what it is like to live in a model home with everything shining and smelling good every time we walk out the door, and we will be glad when we can let a day go by here and there without making the bed!

They say life begins when the kids leave home, and the dog dies.  Well, unfortunately, our beloved greyhound died last spring, and the kids have been on their own for ten years plus.  We have heard many baby-boomers like us say they need to get rid of the stuff and get something smaller, and we agreed and did something about it.

I love decorating, and I love change.  Even though it is an emotional one, I look forward to this next step in our lives.  Want to see what we are leaving?  Here is the link:

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