Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let There Be Light

When the Newlyweds moved into their charming bungalow, they had a rude awakening.  Like many older homes, the number of electrical outlets are limited, and there are no overhead lights.  So, they needed lighting, pronto.

The first thing on my "Mamma-do" list when I arrived for my week of decorating aid was to help with lighting.  Like most young couples, they are working within a budget. So, the first place we went was to a local thrift store and bingo, we hit pay dirt.  We found four lamps, and with my (ahem) over age 55 discount, we snagged them all for around $10.00.  One of them was  cream-colored ceramic and only needed a new shade.  It was perfect for the guest room.

  The next three were brass and dated, but the wiring worked just fine.

 We decided that one of them would be perfect for the black buffet in the dining room. But first it needed a pop of color.  Mrs. Newlywed decided a bright apple green would be perfect.  She selected leafy green by Rustoleum.

We gave the lamp two coats of paint, and bam, it was perfect.  The next addition was an adorable white shade from Target.

The final two lamps were also a tired-looking brass.  We decided to spray paint them both with oil rubbed bronze.  It worked perfectly, and afterwards, they looked as if they just stepped off the store-room shelf.

With the addition of two new shades from Target, they were ready for center stage in the living room. 

And just like that, there was light.

Unfortunately, I was not paid by Target or Rusoleum to use their products.

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  1. Love the "new" lamps! You've inspired me to try painting a lamp or two. I love the ORB look, so that will be my first project. Hope it turns out as well as yours :)