Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Newlyweds

Greetings from Syracuse, NY, where I am visiting the newlyweds in their new/old house.  My daughter and her new husband moved to Syracuse three months ago for his new job and moved into their 2000 square feet 1928 updated bungalow two weeks ago.  Lucky for them, all of the updates (kitchen, baths, hardwood floors, windows, landscaping) have been done so that they can concentrate on painting and decorating.  That is where I come in.

I arrived yesterday, and we promptly went thrifting where we found some great lamps that can be modernized with ORB (oil rubbed bronze) spray paint, a chair with a padded seat that we will paint and reupholster for seating at a make-up vanity, a mirror to be painted for the foyer or guest room, and a bulletin board to be painted and covered for the kitchen desk area. (Watch for photos in upcoming blogs).

We also bought a soft celery green paint for the study which is now a deep red.  We will first have to prime.  The newly weds have never painted a room before, and it is my mission to make sure they don't learn any bad habits.  We also bought a soft blue for the master bedroom.

The weather forecast for tonight is not pretty.  The folks up here talk about the lake effect which often makes snow become a snow storm.   Supposedly the temperature, which is now hovering in the low 50's , is going to drop to 28 degrees, and we are going to get a lake-effect snow storm.

We are fine with that though.  There is plenty to keep us occupied on the inside.

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The photo was taken by professional photographer Eric Graff.


  1. happy painting/decorating! my friend, kitty, used to work with interior designer, beth hague, in washington d.c.; on her website, she profiles a home she designed in lexington ky and she also used a soft celery green in one of the rooms:

  2. Oh my goodness...I think I just figured out that I "know" you...I took a quick look at your blog the other day when I first got your comment...came back tonight and saw the reference re your bicycle trip from Paris to Belgium. So glad you are blogging and your trip to help the newlyweds with decorating their new home sounds wonderful. I did email you re meeting up in Paris...but another Parisian friend that I emailed at the same time did not receive my email so I figured it never reached you. Hope your trip was fun and I look forward to following your adventures here.


  3. Just got your latest comment and it is you!!! So excited to welcome you to the blogging world.