Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Mr. Big

Here are Mr. Big and I surrounded by Vietnamese children during our bicycle trip from Ho Chi Min City (Saigon) through Cambodia to Bangkok.  These village children had a parade for us because they were celebrating Tet, the Vietnamese new year.

Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on me.  Well, hmmmm, maybe that's not exactly right.....She does have the designer clothes, the beautiful shoes, the great New York apartment, the dream job, and the big city lifestyle.  But, I have Mr. Big - the Real Mr. Big.

My Mr. Big earned his name - he is seven feet tall.  Yep, that's right  - seven long feet tall.  It has been great for him, though.  He earned a full basketball scholarship to a Division 1 school, played pro basketball in Europe, and always has an instant conversation piece.  And when we  travel in Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia, it is as if I am with a rock star.  We travel to many remote areas of these countries, and the people are fascintated to see someone as big as he is.  Mothers line their children up to be photographed with him, they want to shake his hand, do high high-fives, and just joke around.  He is very good-natured about it and plays right along.

Being seven feet tall does have its negatives, too - like when buying furniture and cars.  We have to try them.   It is like trying on clothes, but we don't have to get undressed.  As the Cambodians would say, it is "same, same but different."  The sales people always take us on as a personal challenge and work really hard to find something that "fits."  When there is success, we are all happy.  We do our own little session of high-fives.  We will be buying some new furniture for our upcoming move.  We need some new chairs for television viewing in the great room and possibly a new sofa. 

Mr. Big and I have had our discussions and are on the same page with what we are looking for.  We want our chairs to be sturdy and firm, rather than the big plush ones that you sink into.  We want our sofa to be long enough so he can lie down and maybe take a nap when watching a Saturday afternoon basketball game. 

So, if you are in a furniture store in the near future and see a tall man and his wife carrying a sofa to the dressing room, it might just be us...

Do you have any furniture shopping needs for 2011?  Please let me know in the comment section below. 

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  1. My daughter lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. If I had known you were traveling through I could have arranged a welcoming committee. That must have been one hot ride.